Youniversal Laboratories | Angel Foam
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Angel Foam

Biodegradable Foaming Hand Soap


Angel Foam Hand Washing Liquid is a form of liquid product which has been whipped with air to create a foam bubbles. This style is classically sold in specialized dispensers, often for institutional use, although foam products can also be used at home. Foam washing liquid comes in several different styles for various uses, and is usually readily available at drugstores and other stores which stock personal care supplies. It is easier to rub all over your hands and has a larger surface area to attract more dirt. Using foam cleanser also supposedly reduces waste, because it is easy to apply, in contrast with regular liquid hand cleanser, which may spill onto the sink or into the drain. In cost-conscious applications, foam product can be a much better choice than conventional soap for this reason. Angel Foam Hand Washing Liquid, penetrates into the poresof the skin and ensures clensing. Moisturizer agents and conditioners help soften, moisturize and nourish to the skin. Invites ven the most hard-working hands to a fresh beginning. It is free of alkali and soap.