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Clogged Pipe Opener


Clogged drains are always a very unpleasant situation for any homeowner. Not being able to use your sinks or drains or showers makes life very difficult. And, when the drains are finally reopened, life is good. What causes clogged drains? There are many culprits-hair, soap scum, grease, food, tree roots or even clothing, toys or other man-made objects. There are several ways to treat clogged drains. The two main choices are to call a plumber or handle the problem yourself. Youniversal’s opinionJ is to handle the problem yourself. Drain pipe opener is a caustic drain pipe opener. Caustic products are on the opposite end of the pH scale from acids. These can also be very effective drain pipe openers. Generally these type of products are not as strong as sulfuric acid. And, many of these caustic drain pipe openers are diluted with water which might possibly make them very weak and less effective in opening up clogged drains. Caustic drain pipe openers also work on the concept of generating heat and dissolving any blockages. You can use Drain in certain intervals, it ensures that your pipes get not clogged during the entire year. Drain is used in hotels, restaurants, factories and food facilities and kitchens in order to prevent the clogging in, and blockages inside the pump caused by the oil layer solidified during the discharge of oils mixed with dirty water through the sewer.