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Electra / Electra Aerosol

Contact Cleaner

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Electricity has become so important in our lives that almost everything we do requires electricity. From automobiles to household appliances electricity is everywhere making the human being happier. The importance of electricity is best understood when there is a power cut for even an hour on the hottest day in the season. Several electrical accidents happen every year at various locations due to negligence. Electricity in itself may not be dangerous but when treated with undue care may harm. Therefore it is important that we care about the electrical engines and equipments. Electra is a non-conducting solvent used for cleaning the electrical engines and ancillary equipment without dismounting them. > > > Electra is sprayed directly on contacts, motors and wiring sets until dirt, oil and moisture are removed. After cleaning, treated surfaces and equipments are left residue-free. You can use electra in; Electrical Components, electric motors, switches, generators, power tools, contact points, electrical panel boards, bearings and other polished metals.