Youniversal Laboratories | Lybrabrite
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Rinsing Aid for Industrial Type Dishwashers


Best way to clean up with no spot afterwards…
Most of the automatic dishwashing detergents currently available are suitable for their intended purposes, i.e., effectively cleaning, and leaving previously soiled eating and cooking utensils in a generally spot-free, clean condition. Our incredible powerful Lybrabrite specially operates in areas of high water hardness and to prevent lime-scale, it ensures that all crockery and cutlery dry to a stain free, sparkling finish. You alsa need an agent for rinsing and brightening agent for automated dishwashers. Here is your rinse aid… Here is Lybrabrite… Lybrabrite is an exceptional and efficient rinse aid and surface finish agent designed for use in industrial dishwashing machines. It is very easy to use and economical. Youniversal is a believer of great quality not need be expensive so if you are just like us, we are sure Lybrabrite would also work for you. It is safe to use on metal, glass, procelain or any other type of dish-ware.