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Penetrator and Lubricant

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Releases, lubricates and protects in one go! Rust is no more a problem for you with Ruster! Lubricates, the easy way to loosen parts, metal joints, locks, hinges & squeaky doors. Loosens immediately the rusty parts, rusted joints and screws as well just in seconds. So no more worry! Ruster is just the right product for your problems. It is a penetrating oil and lubricant, a formulation containing a rich balanced blend of penetrating and lubricating oils with corrosion additives making it the ideal product for use within the engineering, metal working, maintenance, electrical and the garage/transport industries. Ruster is a release agent and easily releases all types of bolts, nuts and seized metals, giving excellent penetrating and protection properties. The residual protective film ensures long term protection against water and damp under all types of conditions and is an excellent product for use on ignition systems affected by wet and damp weather. The ideal product for use within all types of engineering, maintenance, electrical and transport industries, for quickly releasing seized and rusted metals lubricating all surfaces to ease surface tension when dismantling components. Ruster is also used for lubricating in many other applications and materials such as chains, glides, locks, ignition systems, switches, slide ways and for long term storage of metal parts. You can use Ruster for; Nuts and bolts, battery terminals and cables,speedometer/tachometer cables, rusted rims, commutators, starters, rusty arbors, removing taps, aluminum heads, mufflers,and tail pipes, clocks and watches, jammed locks, gauges and pipes, shackles, brake cables, air-driven tool and as a protective coating for stored dies.