Youniversal Laboratories | Techno Sol
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Techno Sol

Water Soluble Industrial Degreaser


So you need a product for oil and grease?? What you need is Techno Sol. It is a powerful solution for industrial oil and grease. Techno Sol quickly cleans and floats away tough grease and grime. It can be used on most surfaces to remove carbon, dye, grease, grime, ink, mildew stains, oil and other stubborn soils, yet it requires no scrubbing and leaves no oily residue or film. Can you believe a nonflammable product can solve your problems?? Youniversal solves your problems ! Yes, Techno Sol does solve your problems and it does it in an economical and safe way. You can use this magical powerful Techno Sol in many many surfaces such as; Industrial manufacturing plants, machine and automotive shops, food processing plants, marine industry, most of metals, brick, ceramic, chrome, concrete, enamel, laminated plastic surfaces, iron, laminated, lacquered or painted surfaces, marble, plastic, rubber and stainless steel.