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Hand Sanitizer


Keeping your hands clean helps prevent the spread of colds, the flu and other infections. Using a hand sanitizer can be as effective as washing your hands with soap and water. It may seem a bit obvious, but one of the best ways to fight germs is often one of the simplest. A basic antibacterial hand sanitizer has changed the way most people look at fighting germs. One of the reasons for this is because it is almost as effective as soap and water and it is much easier to use. Hand washing is known as the best way to fight germs, but it is a little difficult to carry a sink and a bar of soap with us wherever we go. Germs breed indiscriminately, and having a hand sanitizer on hand makes it convenient and easy to fight off those germs. Most antibacterial hand solutions have evolved and they are now gentle on your hands and also residue free. They are also non toxic and this makes them perfect for children and adults alike. If you have a child that goes to school, then an Antibacterial Hand Wash may be the perfect solution for keeping them healthy. Many schools are now incorporating these hand sanitizers in the class room for quick and easy sanitizing. Clean hands prevent the spread of infections and illnesses—particularly in daycare centers, hospitals, schools and workplaces. Keeping your hands clean at home can prevent the entire family from contracting an illness. Youniversal presents you Microhand to use in food service plants,health care facilities, municipalities, schools,clinics,emergency service vehicles, portable sanitation units,funeral homes and daycare centers.