Youniversal Laboratories | Unimicroterm FG 1391 C
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Unimicroterm FG 1391 C

Chlorine Based Foaming Sanitizer and Cleaner


Do you need a foam alkaline disinfectant for cleaning?? If you say YES …

Here comes your magnificient foam disinfectant cleaner Microterm FG 1391 C… Hygiene on all surfaces… No passage to bacterias…

High alkaline chlorinated foam based sanitizer is specially formulated for open plant cleaning applications throughout the food, beverage and dairy industries.

This disinfectant provides excellent disinfection against most heavy proteins and fat. It is recommended for application in all open plant processes, meat and milk sector. It is very effective in the hard water. It can be used for cleaning and disinfecting floors, walls, utensils and other food/ product preparation equipment at the same time and is suitable for use in meat and poultry processors, snack foods, dairies and most type of foods processing operations.

Microterm FG 1391 C is suitable for manual, soak or spray circulation applications. It is also suitable for use in hard water. It leaves no residue , therefore ideal for kitchens and food processing industries.

Microterm FG 1391 C İs the most widely used foam alkaline product in food or beverage businesses. Properly formulated products are effective against gram positive bacteria and against gram negative bacteria, but less effective against spores, moulds and fungi. It is suitable with a wide range of foam application units.